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Economy Pricing, Trusted Protection

Protect your valuables with The Centurion Series by Liberty Safe! Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Centurion is built in America and the quality shows! Compared to other entry-level safes, the Liberty Centurion is heads and tails above the rest. For those on a budget or just getting started, the Centurion is the safe for you! Engineered to be tough, durable, and capable; these fire rated safes will get the job done!

This is a California-approved firearm security device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $449

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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 129 customers ratings and reviews

Another great american made product
written by Cactusman on December 19, 2017
With all models available this one fit my needs, and space i had alloted to a new safe

Centurion 24
written by Aaron J on November 8, 2017
I am pleased with finish and interior of the safe. The price point was excellent for a made in the USA safe. My only complaint is that Inwish I would have had more than one option for the exterior finish.

Great safe for the money
written by Shawn Westling on September 29, 2017
Had a garage fire about a month ago, with the exception of a little water damage and smoke damage the guns and ammo were still in good condition. If they could get a better seal for smoke and water that would make it a perfect safe for the home owner. I highly recommend this safe, I will be getting another one.

Liberty USA
written by Ski on September 16, 2017

I just got it, but it looks good.
written by Barstow Cowboy on September 2, 2017
It's too early to really know whether this will work out long term (I'm doing this review at the end of my warranty registration, just bought it today), but from what I saw on the internet about it's performance in pry tests and based on my experiences with this Centurion 18 setting it up, I like it.

Great Safe!
written by ss on August 18, 2017
Great quality safe for the money!

Centurion 12
written by Z style on July 15, 2017
Ordered the safe through a local dealer to secure my mother's medication, sensitive information, and other items due to her health. We will have 24hour care and wanted a safe way to protect our family. Best bang for the buck for our needs and excellent quality. A friend recommended Liberty since he is an avid gun collector and has a larger version.

written by Rob on July 13, 2017

Great safe, excellent features, priced right.
written by Walt on July 10, 2017
This gun safe meets all of my needs. I had outgrown my other safe so it was time to add a second gun safe. I shopped all over the greater Phoenix area and kept coming back to Liberty gun safes. the flex interior allows me to shelf all my semi auto pistols as well as multiple shotguns. The other safe hold revolvers and rifles.

The build quality is first rate and keeps my firearms secure from intrusion and fire. Can't ask for more.

Excellant entry level safe
written by Satisfied customer on July 5, 2017
Purchased a Centurion 24 after looking at many others in the same price bracket, including the big box stores such as Costco. Construction on this safe seems to be much better than the others. Had been looking at a Cannon in Costco, but the day I went in thinking I might make a purchase, I found the display model had a bent locking pin from when apparently someone had tried closing the door with the pins still extended. What struck me was that the pin was seriously bent, but the front of the safe where the pin had to have hit showed no damage at all. This means that the Pin bent very easily, which implied to me that construction / materials are very poor. I then went back to the Liberty store and took another look at the construction of the Centurions, which ended up making the decision for me. The fact these are made in the USA was also a major motivation in going with Liberty.

Ive had the safe for 5 months and have had no issues and very happy with the purchase. Eventually will move up to a more expensive model, but for now this serves my basic needs.

Excellent Safe
written by Prescott, AZ on June 13, 2017
This safe is perfect for mixing quality with a safe that fits into an apartment to keep multiple long guns and valuables safe and protected.

written by Jl on June 3, 2017

Entry Level Quality
written by John D. on June 1, 2017
My Centurion 24 was delivered on May 30, 2017. It has the dual flex interior, the electronic lock system, and the interior door accessory cover. For an entry level safe, this unit is well built and attractive. The 11.5 cubic feet of interior space is large enough to accommodate my 22 handguns and 2 long guns.. The price to value equation in the Centurion series is impressive. This "entry" level built in the USA safe should be more than enough security for most people.

Gun safe
written by Scott on May 21, 2017
This is the best safe for the price that I have seen. I will definetly be buying another one when I have to upgrade.

Centurion 12
written by Baguio Boy on May 10, 2017
We are very happy with our purchase.

It would be better if the shelves were detachable.

Nice product
written by Bill in Mesa, AZ on May 7, 2017
Just purchased the Centurion 24. Good price & quality vs. the competition.

Everything I Expected It To Be
written by Jedova on April 16, 2017
My career as a quality engineer has me constantly looking at the quality of everything I purchase; I found the quality of this safe as very good inside and out. I am very satisfied with my new gun safe. The lifetime warranty is just an added bonus.

I'd buy again!
written by Aurora Armament LLC on April 14, 2017
First off, the customer service from Liberty was amazing. I had an issue with a local dealer in Tucson not being able to get one for at least 12 weeks. I ended up finding a dealer in Chandler (1-800-4AGunSafe). Liberty was able to transfer my order to them and it was easy coasting from then on. Only Issue I've had so far is a small strip of drywall that is located at the bottom of the safe fell out while I was transporting my safe home... Granted I had to load it laying down, but I would have like to see that piece at least secured to the body of the safe. Overall I love the safe and will definitely buy another Liberty.... Plans in the works to purchase the Fatboy 64 gun safe in the next couple of months. Thank you Liberty!

Centurion 24 with flex shelving.
written by Tim Jackson on April 9, 2017
I have to admit appon first seeing this safe in a show room filled with all kinds of other pretty safes the centurion didn't stand out, in fact I thought it to be one of the more uglier ones, but after weeks of online searching and price comparisons I always reverted back to the centurion. I did my homework, and in the end liberty safes had most all of the competition blown away. I chose the Liberty centurion due to its lower price point than Mesa safe Co, and American Security Safe Co. (the two other competitors that made my final list.) I watched endless amounts of online reviews, read seemingly endless blogs and discussions as to which safe was the best bang for the buck, and even asked my fellow workers and family what they had known about good safes. And in the end I was sitting watching Babe Winkleman on tv and sure enough he had a liberty safe behind him. So I ran back down to my local dealer and explained to him what I was looking for and able to spend and he he led me right over to the centurion. I did however purchase some upgrades. (Three spoke handle, electronic keypad, flex shelves, and door organizer.) Overall I am very happy with my purchase and hope that my new liberty safe will serve me for many years to come.

Great enter level safe
written by Phoenix on April 6, 2017
Very happy with this purchase. This is my first safe and I bought to secure firearms in the house. The flex interior is great and I purchased the digital lock for ease of use so my wife will use it to also store jewelry. Quality workmanship for an entry level safe and the best I have seen for the price.

written by Col (Ret.) on March 22, 2017
Excellent in all regards!

Great entry level safe!
written by Jay Marrs on March 17, 2017
I was researching entry level safes and after seeing how easily some of the other brands popped open using pry bars I had to go with the Liberty safe, it seems well made and I know any safe can be opened eventually but this Liberty safe gives me more security.

safe at last
written by Arizona Geezer on February 22, 2017
Just got my first safe and I feel good that my weapons and important document are secure and protected from fire and thief. Thanks for peace of mind.

Painless process
written by Phoenix Customer on January 14, 2017
Purchase was free of high pressure sales tactics. Install was smooth and seamless. Highly recommend this company!

Totally Secure
written by M. McDonough....AZ on January 7, 2017
Love the Made in USA rather than the Jap Crap. Also the Lifetime Warranty.

Good for the price. The Dealer? not so much
written by Keith on December 16, 2016
I own the 12 model with Class II combo lock. Drawbacks I've found:
1. Fireproofing is not complete, that is it doesn't seal everywhere. There are large gaps evident near floor where it just didn't fit totally and they left it like that.
2. 14 gauge steel, but that is the advertised gauge so they aren't hiding that fact, its just fairly thin. 14 gauge will not resist an ax attack or grinder.
3. Liberty claims curbside delivery, but they must mean curbside at the safe store, because the Liberty dealer wouldn't deliver it to my house 14 miles away.
4. Dealer had a price match guarantee, but I really had to talk them into matching Cabela's price for the same safe which was $50 less at the time. Didn't even want to do it when I brought Cabela's ad in. They finally did, but not without a lot of drooping faces.
5. Dealer double charged my credit card, but after I pointed that out they went back and reversed the charge.
6. Based on the misfitting of the fireproofing, I seriously doubt this could maintain under a 350 degree temperature for 30 minutes. It might if the drywall were actually installed so that it fit everywhere.

Other than that, I'd say for under $500, its good. It will keep a smash and grab thief with minimal experience or tools away from the contents.

To be clear, I'm not putting down Liberty. The dealer is another story. I think if you have serious valuables to store, you should get one of the models above the Centurion though.
Liberty's Response:
Your review and information has been forwarded to our customer support who will be contacting you.  Thank you for the review.

Great safe at a great price.
written by Satori on December 7, 2016
As with most of the other reviews, this is a great safe (Centurion 12) at a great price. Plus made in the USA!

Great Decision
written by The Governor on December 1, 2016
When we started looking to buy a safe and wanted a product made in the USA. There was no other decision but Liberty Safes.
We are very happy with the product we bought it is just the right size for us and fits in the space

written by JohnK on November 27, 2016
Good product with functionality that will fit everyone's need

written by Pat Williams on November 25, 2016

Great middle range safe
written by Bill on November 25, 2016
I have a Patriot safe no longer in business) and a Ft. Knox safe both which are decent and great respectively. I needed another safe for another location and I ordered the 18 Centurion combination lock. I think this a great safe for the money based on my 20 years of experience with the above mentioned safes. Again, I can tell this is a good safe for the money and if I need another one I would not hesitate based upon my inspection. The combination works perfectly and I've unlocked the safe about 20 times so far without a hitch. The only issue I have is my handle is broken - not Liberty's fault - it's the shipping. I'll have to contact Liberty for another handle.

Great Safe!
written by Brent on November 19, 2016
Nice looking, functional and well built safe.

written by Redultra98 on October 29, 2016

written by Dean on September 30, 2016

written by Fred on September 18, 2016

Great Safe
written by Steve in Grapevine on August 21, 2016
I too bought my safe at A1 Locksmith in Colleyville Texas. Andy was great to work with. He wasn't sure he could get me a standard Centurian 18 by the time I needed it, so he upgraded me to an in-stock Dual Flex at no charge. The fit and finish of this safe is excellent. I would absolutely recommend Liberty safes to anyone looking for affordable security and protection.

Outstanding Safe
written by Roger on August 20, 2016
I have been looking at safes for about 3 months trying to find the best safe for the best price. I have looked at numerous models and researched each. The bottom line, Liberty Safes are the best bang for the buck. Other safes in the comparable size and price ranges I was looking at were quite easily defeated. Liberty Safes took considerable more time and effort. A big benifit is the lifetime warranty. Overall, I am very happy with my safe and have piece of mind my vaulables are well protected when I am away.

Excellent safe for the price
written by MATT on August 20, 2016

Centurion Series CN-24
written by Gerry on August 14, 2016
I'm able to store 9 long guns without cases and 6 hand guns in their cases. I also reload and store powder as well as loaded ammo. And I still have one shelf available. I also purchased the tactical door panel for added storage.

written by Dan on August 11, 2016
I was impressed with the design of the safe itself. It is not just a metal cabinet with a key but has a unique interlocking mechanism that is very secure and not easily broke into. A heavy metal gauge steel making it fireproof as well.

Centurion 24
written by Safe Ron on August 5, 2016
Good starter safe. Will upgrade in future.

written by sean on July 30, 2016
very pleased with my new safe.

Great Safe
written by Happy Liberty Safe Owner on June 29, 2016
Great safe, warranty, product for the investment.

Revolution 18 - Great Safe - Wish I Had Bought A Bigger One
written by Kentucky Proud on June 20, 2016
Well I have had this 6 months.

I Have not had a problem other than the fact that the installer didn't sink one of the bolts far enough in the concrete floor. The safe "rocked" a bit. I called him and he came back out and corrected the problem. He told me the bolts he uses were bigger and stronger than the ones Liberty sells. He also said that someone would tear the bottom of the safe off before they could pull the bolts out of the concrete. Based on this safes weight, I would urge any one to bolt this safe to the floor. I saw how easy it was for them to deliver, and I figured it would be that easy for a thief to remove.

As far as space for long guns. All of mine fit. they are snug, but they fit. . I have an Remington 870 that is a very snug fit. The safe will hold 4 longer rifles in the back. This safe is more friendly to newer, shorter firearms.

On thing about this safe, is that it fills up fast.
I bought the attachment that goes on the inside of the door. It holds 5 handguns, and has two pockets for papers etc... and pouches. I really liked this addition.

I have not had any problems with the combination lock. A bit of advice the installer gave me was, "open your safe often at first. That way you won't forget the combination and you will be able to get in you safe much quicker. He was right.

Again, I wish had bought a bigger safe. But for the money, I felt I couldn't go wrong.

leave the house with ease
written by N/A on June 19, 2016
great safe love the look.
the door handle doesn't rest at a 90deg angle when shut and secured, little frustrating looking and wondering if it fully latched but time after time of checking I guess I got accustom to it.
Over all great safe, well built, very affordable, love its made in the USA

Liberty Safe is the only one to go with.
written by Bob on June 4, 2016
Great safes for a great price.

excellent quality
written by GHDesigns on June 1, 2016
We are highly impressed with the Centurion 24 gun safe, where it give us a great sense of security for those things you cannot put a price on. It is very easy to operate and has flexible storage options inside to suit your individual needs. The black color will fit almost any decor. We also like the array of optional accessories to allow you to customize your safe. It is definitely a lifetime investment you will never regret.

Pleased in Arizona
written by Pleased in Chandler on May 18, 2016
Great product and totally excellent service at the store AND delivery/install.... Would highly recommend

Good quality safe with a disappointing blemish
written by Lee from Virginia on May 15, 2016
Generally pleased with my Liberty purchase. Delivery was soon than expected and the driver was courteous - I received a call the day before and the day of, about 30 minutes prior to delivery. Once the safe was unloaded off the truck, I moved it to a staging location in the house. I had some time to get it set up two days later and that's when I removed the cardboard and plastic wrap. Found a palm-sized blemish, a scuff mark down to the metal, on the side of the safe. No dent but a little disappointing. I recommend to potential buyers (most probably already know to do this) to unwrap the safe as soon as it's off the truck. Maybe while it's still on the lift so they can take it back if there's a problem. Having said all that, I'm happy with the safe quality and functionality. I don't have many firearms but this safe gives me room to acquire more or store other valuables. Good shelves and racks designed for rifles - shelves adjust nicely for guns with shorter barrels. Like I said, happy overall with the purchase.

Heavily Burglarized & Stayed strong
written by Zachary on April 23, 2016
My centurion 12 gun liberty safe was victim of a home robbery. They used a wood splitting axe and hammer, knocking hinges off, dial and turn knob. Withstood all of this and kept my belongings safe. At that, it took the locksmith more than a couple of hours to open it himself, due to the re-locking device in the safe. Recommended!

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