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Made in the USA

Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! With it's 90 minutes of Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Lincoln Series has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,049
Payments starting as low as $46.61 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! OAC

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 151 customers ratings and reviews

Satisfied Owner
written by Johnny Penrod on January 1, 2018
I love the quality of my Liberty safe. It is not only functional but it is something that I love to show off when people come over. I am confident and comfortable that everything that I put in my safe will be protected. Thanks Liberty Safe for building such a great safe!

Great safe
written by J Fullerton on December 17, 2017
After a long web search I decided to go to a newly opened safe store near the house for some hand on. Decided on the Lincoln series for its size and door security. Safe was delivered,installed and anchored to the concrete slab.. Delivery personnel were great and friendly. Install was professional and clean. I would recommend this safe to family and friends.

written by Alex on November 24, 2017

Best safe for the money
written by Joe Shmoe on October 25, 2017
I looker around for about a year to find the right safe me. Liberty safes were the best price for the quality and features that I needed.

HIghly Recomended
written by Earl on October 5, 2017
Jon and his team were great. If you are reading this and never purchased a safe, you already know that buying a safe is not an easy decision. Especially with all the different options and sizes. It was my first safe and I had a lot of questions. Jon and his team were great. I was never made to feel rushed in my decision to purchase a safe and never felt like I was making a decision based on a pressure sale. They asked a lot of questions and showed me every safe that would meet my needs and requirements (even the small safes). It took me four months to finally decide on the right safe and every time I went into the showroom, they always took the time to answer any new questions I had. I would highly recommend talking to them first before buying a safe.

The best of all safes researched
written by MichaelM on September 13, 2017
My wife and I have been avid shooters and the Liberty safe line has offered the best of all worlds in versatility, use and safety. Over the years we have always purchased a Liberty safe over all that we researched. We have accumulated several Liberty safes to safe guard important documents and firearms. Trust in the quality and the fact they are made in the USA.

Great customer service
written by Cliff K on August 20, 2017
Purchased the Pro Flex 24 gun safe. The dial combination apparently settled during shipping/moving. I contacted customer service technical support. They immediately diagnosed the problem, and solved the problem within minutes. I am very impressed with their professionalism, and customer service. I am extremely pleased with this safe!

written by Lorna on July 12, 2017
We did a massive review on over five brands and many models and for the money, Liberty stands ahead of all others

written by EILEEN AND MORRIS on July 1, 2017

Great Safe!
written by Eki on June 14, 2017
The fit and finish of the safe is top notch. The security features and mechanisms are awesome. The fire rating is impressive. The dealer delivery and installation was professional and speedy. All in all a great purchase.

There are only three (very) minor things notable.

(1) We thought, for a few minutes, that the flex gun rack was missing. The installer did not show us how it works. The manual also does not speak to it. We just happened to bend over and look up and noticed that the flex gun rack was beneath the flex rack cover (which looks just like any of the other shelf). Either better documentation or demo by the installer would have been nice.

(2) Our safe included the accessory door panel. It has pockets for hanging your pistols. These work great for my glocks and 1911's. But, alas, the Desert Eagle does not fit in the pocket. Granted, the DE is a big pistol, and that would be a lot of weight hanging on the door pocket ... but, it would be better if the barrel holes were slightly bigger or adjustable (velcro? )

(3) There was still sawdust and some other small debris inside the safe. Would be nice if they cleaned it up before delivering.

LZ-50 Number Two
written by Keith C S on May 22, 2017
"Plan ahead that over the years your family will accumulate very important things, and may even unexpectedly inherit valuables and sentimental items. Therefore, if you are a 'first-time safe buyer', be wise and spend your money on nothing less than the largest and best-featured LIBERTY safe you can possibly afford and accommodate."

Just received our second Lincoln LZ-50 series ? one can never have too many Liberty safes ? they are the best! The first one was sufficient but was "minimally" crowded, and our smaller ancient Browning over the past two years became overstuffed. It has since been sold. Now with the additional LZ-50, all contents of two safes are spread apart for much easier access, with no more digging to the back for accessing items. There is also plenty of room for future expansion --- a lot more than I thought there would be. However at this point we do not intend on adding many more items to the safes. The first LZ-50 has the standard one-side rifle storage. The new one was custom ordered with some extra shelves, as we are not storing rifles. Don't add junky plywood shelves to your safe ? it deserves better and your dealer can order shelves for you; they are much better looking, extremely strong, and not that expensive.

Hey Liberty --- What is the difference between an LZ-50 and an LX-50? Is an LZ-50 simply a custom-ordered LX-50? Just curious!

The new safe arrived with a dead automatic lighting system. While the safe was being installed, I phoned Liberty about the problem and they assured a replacement light kit would go right out to me. The safe and my custom combination also got registered during that call, VERY convenient. It's a shame that the lighting was not tested beforehand. Replacing the parts is very easy, but this chore was a real time-wasting annoyance needlessly heaped upon a customer; a real let-down. For an almost $3800 safe, issues such as this should not be going out the factory door. Customer Review Posts at Liberty within the Lighting Accessories section show these lighting system failures are "seemingly" not all that uncommon, either at or not too long after (within a year or so,) of the safes being delivered. Quality of the lighting system needs to be dealt with better at manufacture. It would not take but a few minutes at the factory to verify a lighting system is 100% functional. On the other hand, the automatic lights in my 2014 LZ-50 have operated flawlessly from day one --- with probably thousands of operations.
BTW, there is no point of manufacture listed on the lighting kit box or on any of the parts themselves, not even a "USA." Odd. Wonder where it is made.
It turned out that there were two problems with my lights. First, it was the movement sensor that was dead. Second, after replacing the bad sensor with the new one, one of the two-wand light segments did not work. Plugging one end of it into the new sensor made only the wand segment CLOSEST to the sensor function. Turned around, it was the same deal. Both segments are good, but only one at a time will light. This means there is likely a broken wire BETWEEN the two segment sections. Liberty got the new kit to me in four days, weekend included. All is well now with the lighting system and I now have a good spare power supply and a good spare 4-segment wand section --- just in case.

Shelves have "projections" at the rear end sides that catch on the vertical clip bars, I imagine to prevent "forward" shelf movement. Unfortunately the projections are not at the right place, so the shelves "can be moved" about 1-1/2" forward if moving something heavy on a shelf. If the projections were changed to be positioned correctly, the shelf projection would contact the clip bar with no "gap" and the shelf would not move forward at all. This is a very picky point, but it is a correction that could be easily made on the cutting machine setup and would not cost anything to correct.

I do highly recommend that all safe purchasers (at least for a safe with a manual dial lock) ante up a few dollars more for the magnetic dial light accessory. The lights are more than an excellent bargain for their low cost and anti-glare usefulness. Two red LED dial lights were purchased aftermarket at the time of the second safe and we REALLY like these lights. Much better than annoying overly-bright, blinding flashlight glare when you need more light. Our safes with the gold dials and black paint-fill are quite reflective with glare and are actually difficult to read when a flashlight may be necessary. My ancient Browning safe (exact same lock dial design) with a black dial and white paint was always so easy to read and had no glare.

The jewelry drawers could benefit with a safety-stop addition. For our own peace of mind -and any future owner- I modified the jewelry drawer boxes by installing two small angle brackets to each box's upper panel so that the drawers cannot be accidentally pulled completely out, dumping contents to the floor. (Users may have a hard-surface floor and do not need any fine watches or fragile or heirloom jewelry going there.) It would be a good future feature for Liberty to update the drawers to incorporate drawer stops. To remove/install the drawer, it merely needs to be angled somewhat up or down to make it clear the rear drawer panel past the brackets. Wood screws that are short enough not to pierce through to the upper surface were used on the brackets. The factory could add a glued-in block of wood at point of manufacture for a very low-cost, effective drawer stop. No need to add any expensive mechanical drawer slides.

One thing I have liked as much as owning Liberty safes themselves is watching all the videos that Liberty / youtube has posted. The interior dynamite video is fascinating they way the competitor's safe is blown to smithereens while the Liberty safe merely "burps." Not a real life scenario, but it does highlight typical construction superiority that is incorporated into Liberty's products. It is both amusing and scary how the competition grinds down their welds (for aesthetics) until they are very thin and weak! "DUH!"

Even considering the minor annoyance points I listed above, I will still give the Liberty Lincoln LZ-50's a Five Star rating for overall quality and value for the dollar. Not to mention that their great size and weight is quite intimidating.

Love my Lincoln
written by Craig on May 4, 2017
Very impressed with the whole process; sales, purchasing, delivery and stocking!

Lincoln 25
written by JZ on March 20, 2017
Love my new safe. Very impress with the quality.
The guys at Moore Security made the whole buying experience great from the store to the delivery the service was outstanding.Will highly recommend them.

written by PETER on February 3, 2017

Thoroughly satisfied and could not be Happier!
written by Bryan Rapp, Irwin PA on January 5, 2017
Spent many years researching and finally pulled the trigger on a Lincoln 50. Feel very secure knowing that my guns and those being passed onto me will be safe and secure for years to come. Quality craftsmanship and professional delivery and set up by Monroeville Lock and Safe.

Thank you!

5 year review. Quality built to last
written by cwc36 on December 28, 2016
I've had this safe for 5 years it gets opened 3 to 5 times every day. The quality is fantastic still looks brand new inside and out with the storms that threatened Florida in September the safe was used to protect our pictures and valuables in case a disaster. A real peace of mind.

I've never regretted getting the large Lincoln model. You will use it for much more than guns.

Happy Camper
written by Kenny on October 3, 2016
Very pleased with my Lincoln 50.

Thank You Monroeville Lock & Safe and Liberty Safe!
written by Gatsby81 on August 19, 2016
The safe is both beautiful and smartly designed. I was thrilled with the install service from Monroeville Lock & Safe - very careful and meticulous with installation. The safe and service are worth every penny. A great investment.

Made in U.S.A.
written by John D. on July 10, 2016
Safe looks and functions as expected, the delivery crew did an excellent install, including leveling the safe.

grate safe and made in america.
written by strong arm on April 14, 2016
I bought my liberty safe about five years ago. it is the it is one of the best investments I have ever done. works well and as I seed it is made in the USA and that's a plus for me. I have my safe bolted down in my garage tight if you are not going to bolt your safe down tight you are asking for trouble. like I seed the are real good safes and the have a life time replacement if any thing goes wrong with them that includes if some one damages it bye trying to get in to it.

Caution: They don't follow through on their website promises.
written by Disatisfied on April 11, 2016
They promised a feature that did not come when the safe was delivered, I was told by the distributor's delivery personel that Liberty would send it to me when I registered. I registered right away but never received it. When I called 6 months later to tell them that I never received what was promised on the website when I ordered they told me it was now too late. All I wanted was what I was promised I would get when I ordered and paid them, I wasn't looking for any freebies! They probably won't post this which is why I never trust reviews on company websites!

Great value, Great Product
written by RB Wallace on April 10, 2016
Product is excellent quality, good value and Made in America. Can't beat that.

Lincoln 35
written by Mjones112002 on December 31, 2015
Great safe, best bang for the buck and nice incentives added in.
Made in USA

Lincoln 25
written by elk hunter on November 6, 2015
I did a lot of looking and research and found that Liberty makes the best Quality safe and is made in USA. i love my Lincoln its a very nice safe, last a fair price.

Lincoln 24
written by Lou on October 4, 2015
I purchased a Lincoln 24 safe from Gander Mountain, great safe and awesome features. I compared several brands and Liberty won out, and it wasn't even close. The quality and features Liberty provides at their price point is hard to beat, I would highly recommend considering them for your safe needs.

Great Safe
written by Go ILLINI! on September 11, 2015
High Quality safe. Finish looks excellent. Interior excellent. Good value. Only suggestion to Liberty would be to make an option to have the door open from either direction.

Outstanding in all aspects
written by M. on September 9, 2015
I did not know about your company originally and had a trusted friend with a Patriot Safe so I went with them. After talking with a sales rep for a week, I picked a model and options then proceeded to payment. After making my payment I did not hear from them for a couple weeks. When I reached out via email I got no responses. I called the phones to find they had been disconnected. I was out almost $3,000 and had no way to contact the company. After filing multiple complaints with police, BBB and my credit card company, I was able to get my money back. It was an absolutely awful experience and I didn't know if I could trust another company to deliver after a scare like that. Luckily, I found your company and couldn't be happier with the service, support and end product. My Lincoln 50 not only looks great but performs exactly as advertised. It is a work of art as much as it is a practical way to store important items. If I ever need another safe or anything security related, I will be choosing Liberty. I've recommended your company to all of my friends looking to purchase a safe and will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you for going above and beyond with your products and service.

Follow up to 7/8 review concerning SafeAlert
written by Vinnie on July 9, 2015
I was contacted this morning and the issue is being resolved. I had a very helpful responses from Liberty and Mike Ward's Liberty Safe store. Basis my satisfaction with the product and the positive response to my concern, I will recommend others to consider Liberty.

Quality Product
written by Andrew McCloud on June 16, 2015
Ordering this Liberty safe gave my wife and I piece of mind while we are away from our home while it is protecting our valuables. It is a quality product from a quality company. We love our safe. It is reliable, functional and will hold up for the long haul. Would recommend these safes to anyone.

Lincoln Safe purchase
written by Tom Pudish on June 8, 2015
Other than some Quality Assurance issues in manufacturing, the quality of the safe seem to be top of the line and the customer service was great with their response to the items notes. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in the purchase of a safe.

just got my liberty the other day
written by bucko 74 on May 20, 2015
Got broken into 3 months ago. s.o.b's got me for over $7000 of guns and ammo. time to start over with the best safe i found on the market, lincoln 25. maybe up grade to a bigger 1 after i fill this 1 up./

Great safe. Amazing customer service!
written by Mike A on May 18, 2015
I have owned my L50 for 8 years. I have been very happy with my safe. After a few years, the keypad started to have intermittent problems. I made a phone call to customer service on Fridsy to inform them of my issue. Dee took my call and had the upgraded lock at my house on Monday at no charge. 8 years after the date of purchase and they took care of my problem at no charge with no hassle. I knew I made the right choice when I chose to go with Liberty, and this is just one more confirmation. I will be purchasing another safe in the near future, and there is no doubt it will also be a Liberty.

Third times a charm.
written by Three Timer on May 4, 2015
After 3 plus months: First time the safe was damaged. Second time the driver thought it was on the truck (it was not). Third time was a charm...

Product quality is as expected except the door tolerances may be off. With the door shut you can easily see the light on inside.

Liberty Safe will Not Dissappoint!!!
written by Brad & Jennifer Uhl on April 30, 2015
We originally planned to purchase the Franklin Series, but for a bit more money, we received many more benefits for stepping up to the Lincoln. We could not be happier we did.

We ordered the Lincoln 25, Green Marble w/the Gold Trim and electronic lock. The safe is absolutely beautiful, the powder coating is excellent, and looks great in our bedroom.

We hope to do another safe with you guys in the future - the Lincoln 25 is a great size, especially for the bedroom, but would love to do a larger Presidential Model for my office.

Keep up the great work - we would definitely recommend Liberty Safe (and have) to our friends and family.

Solid safe
written by T-Diddy on April 29, 2015
I just got it and it came in good cosmetic condition but the lighting was broken and the safe was a little dirty inside. About to find out how easy/difficult it's going to be to get some working lights in this safe. Don't let me down Liberty!!
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like your safe had a rough ride getting to you. I assure you we will get you fixed up and taken care of. We will be in touch in the next 24 hours.  

Liberty Lincoln
written by Devin on April 22, 2015
Wow! Amazing safe. Truly top notch quality. Very easy to understand instructions. As a professional carpenter I can appreciate the craftsmanship put in this safe. The interior shelf system can be configured for any kind of setup you are looking for. I really like the textured finish on the outside of the safe as well. This thing is built like a tank...and made in the USA!

New Lincoln
written by New Lincoln in NC on April 17, 2015
I just received a new Liberty Lincoln 41 gun safe purchased through Gander Mountain. The expected delivery showed 6-10 weeks and the safe came in 8 weeks. No problem on the length of time for delivery but, I had no status updates from Gander. In regards to the safe, amazing piece of USA manufactured product. Better than advertised and functioned perfectly right out of box. Very adaptable with moveable shelves and the interior lighting is excellent. You need to be prepared to unpack and move a monster. These safes are heavy and very well built. If delivery is curbside, be prepared to have help and proper equipment to move the safe. Many good videos on line on how to move a safe. I will add to this review after I have used it for a few months. Very happy out of the box.

Warranty after 21 years
written by JR on April 8, 2015
I've had the Lincoln 50 since 1994. The light switch finally quit working. Liberty is sending me a new one. Great customer service!

Great Safe!
written by JM on April 2, 2015
This is a great safe made in America. Solid fire protection, awsome reputation.

Best investment ever
written by Happy gunner on March 27, 2015
The safe was lacking in some attention to details, but overall I'm very satisfied with the safe and would buy from liberty again

Well Worth the Wait.
written by Liberty Lover on March 25, 2015
After waiting nearly 8-10 weeks for my new Liberty Lincoln 25 safe to arrive it was pretty exciting to see the semi pull up with the goods.

I purchased this safe online from Gander Mountain because of the substantial savings. I wisely used a portion of those savings to employ three movers from a local specialty mover (A1 Movers, Prairie du Sac, WI), with extensive safe moving experience, to move the safe. With the safe barely off the truck lift they unwrapped the safe on the street, inspected the safe for damage in transit and proceeded to protective wrap the safe and move it to my garage. While in the garage we opened the safe, removed the shelving, tested the lock, and again prepared it for a move to the basement.

The safe arrived at its final location in the basement with no damage and no unnecessary excitement. I recommend you save some money by buying this from Gander and then find a great local mover to get the job done. Enticing a few friends with beer to move a safe is a pretty bad idea compared to hiring experienced professionals to handle the job.

The safe is great - well made and arrived in perfect condition. My only negative comment is that the black decals on the burgundy finish do not pop like they should. Liberty should have used gold or white to really enhance the graphics and beauty of the safe. Otherwise, this is an heirloom purchase which will protect our valuables from fire and theft for years, and perhaps generations, to come.

Best American made safe.
written by Billy Leonard on March 19, 2015
We purchased our safe through Gander Mountain web site worked good. I thought manufacture time seemed long but, the safe was delivered in less time than we were told it would take good job Liberty Safe. The safe arrived in excellent condition, right out of the box everything worked very well.

A few minor irritations but most probably wouldn't care
written by Jason J on January 26, 2015
Love everything about my Liberty 35, the interior materials, the exterior finish, the hardware, heck, I even open it sometimes just to smell the inside lol! But after installing the safelert device several months ago I have been receiving "door open" alerts when the door was not open. Eventually I thought to turn off all lights when it did this and I could see the lights were on inside the safe (causing the door open alert) even though the safe hadn't been opened in weeks. I made sure the door tensioners were adjusted correctly but it still does it. So the light kit motion sensor must be defective.

Also, I wouldn't mind to find a door gap shrinker... they are a little wider than I would like, looks easy to get a pry bar in there. If it ever happens I hope the safe does its job.

After about 3 months I noticed that the electronic lock developed an annoying plastic squeeking sound when you turn the ring on the outside. I may try to take it apart and rub the friction points with a bar of soap or a light oil to stop the squeeking.... but it shouldn't do it in the first place.

All minor things, still a great investment and would purchase again. Have recommended to several friends that ended up buying one too.

Lincoln 35 safe
written by Mike Johnson on January 19, 2015

Great Safe, but one minor complaint.
written by Happy Owner on January 7, 2015
This safe has served me well for the last 6 years. I'm actually in the process of purchasing a second safe as a temporary spot for hunting rifles and such during hunting season. It's not fun having to dig around for just a couple necessities. The only complaint I have is that the dial seems like it has shifted a little to the right within the chrome housing. It's just one of those things that has me a little worried it might some day fail or lock up. Other than that... the safe has been excellent.

Great Looking Safe
written by Shwrbldr on January 3, 2015
We were looking for a larger safe, looked at the Franklin and the Lincoln, both are great safes, the Lincoln had extra accessories with the purchase, got the White Marble, looks great in the study/office, Bought the safe in December, had the dealer deliver, that was worth the extra wait for delivery. Have another older safe, there is no comparison to the Liberty. Thanks

I have a Lincoln Prototype Model Q-40 Built in 2nd/2006-1
written by Bill Johnson on December 10, 2014
My safe is a little different than most as I purchased a prototype safe based on the Lincoln line. The safe model is a Q-40 and it measures 66 inches high, 36 inches wide and 31 1/2 inches deep for outside measurements.

It has a total of 18 one inch diameter locking bolts, two on top, two on the bottom and seven on each side.

My Lincoln safe matches the size of the Presidential 40 series safe in height, width and depth.

The quality of the safe is very good. I store my collection of 1911 Les Baer and Ed Brown pistols in this safe as well as a Colt Python, Beretta 92 FS, two Sig Sauer's a P226 and a P229 and a Kimber TLE II 1911. I also store my camera bodies and lens' in this safe as well as important documents.

I decided that I wanted the dial combination lock instead of the electronic lock as Koons Locksmith who I bought the safe from recommended the dial combination lock being less prone to future failure.

I highly recommend the liberty line of safes and fully recommend the Lincoln, Presidential and National Security models.

The Jury is still out
written by Sam in Greenville, SC on October 20, 2014
I recently purchased a safe from Liberty. I went with the Lincoln 35 and at first I was happy and excited about the safe. It works great and the delivery went smoothly.

After a few days, I went into the room where I keep the safe an noticed a place on the front that looks like it was scratched while the paint was still wet. When the light coming through the window hits it, it looks really bad. Once you see it, you see it every time you look at the safe.

I called Dee at Liberty Safe customer service. Dee was professional and very eager to help me resolve my problem. She stated she would call the original installer to schedule replacement of my safe and I was impressed and happy to know that Liberty would stand behind the safe.

I waited a few days and called my original installer, Mark at 360 Security in Lyman, SC. This was after I sent him a text with no response. He was indignant and totally changed from the helpful person he portrayed when selling me the safe. I asked him how long it would take and he was evasive and said he had to get paperwork from Liberty and then schedule a time to pick up the safe from another dealer. He seemed not to really care about my problem. He has my money. He said he was too busy working and did not have time to respond to my text or answer any questions. Said he would call me when he heard something. Crappy attitude.

Not happy at this point. Liberty seems willing to do the right thing, but now I am thinking I don't want 360 Security back in my home. I do not recommend them for installations and wonder now what will happen.

I left Dee a message but no response.

So like I said, the Jury is still out on this one!

Sam in SC
Liberty's Response:
Yes, you have a valid concern regarding the completion of your service. I will let the customer service manager know and we'll see what we can do from a manufacturing standpoint.

Interior Light Plug
written by Joe Thomas on August 21, 2014
I recently purchased a Lincoln 25 and would have given it a 5 star, but the one thing that I found to dislike is how big the interior light plug that plugs in the safe is. The safe comes with a data inlet that supplies three plug in receptacles. The interior light plug is too big and when plugged in you only have access to two receptacles instead of three. I feel that this should be corrected. Other than that I love my Liberty Safe.

The Lincoln LZ50 Arrived 'SAFE'ly
written by Keith C S on July 29, 2014
Until recently acquired by a real estate company, the house next door was being rented out continuously by its original owner who had moved to a larger home. It was rented perhaps 15-18 times in 23 years. A constant flux of moving activity. On two occasions it housed criminals / druggie types, and another set of tenants were folks exhibiting suspicious actions.

Police and Sheriff's deputies had been to that house a few times, and the most recent undesirable family had a really bad-tempered evil guy who the police told us was known to them and was on probation. Judging by problems he was causing not only within his own family, it seemed as though he was not trying at all to avoid going back to the Graybar Hotel. They moved away only a few months after appearing, and we hope the evil guy eventually returned to where he belonged.

Scary and dangerous neighbors since 1991 urged us to become well armed, trained and concealed-carry certified since 1993. Two safes were purchased during those early years. (We made an oft heard typical mistake of not initially going with a very large safe.)

Fortunately, as mentioned above, the problem house was ultimately foreclosed on in 2012 and the new ownership company obviously does actual tenant background and financial checks. The new renters are a really nice family.

Over the years the two safes we had obtained became packed like sardine cans. A new large capacity safe became mandatory. Shopping ensued. But this time it was fun as it was not being forced on us out of fear.

No new safes researched were as impressive as the features, security and pricing of LIBERTY.

The newest Browning's looked at had a very sickening and bizarre odor emanating from their interior components - something that at the very least was awful, albeit we would hope not a health issue. Also I was not impressed with their 'in-door' rifle storage feature dimensions. But perhaps that is just me.

A Cannon-made SAFARI model viewed earlier at a Sporting products store was rather unimpressive.

In June 2014 a Lincoln model LZ50 was custom ordered from The Safe Store in Phoenix.

Our safe arrived at The Safe Store on July 18. Due to their workload it could not be delivered and installed to our home for eleven days. Not any big deal for us. They did check it over and stated it was in perfect condition.

Our transaction was exactly six weeks to the day from placing the order to delivery and installation.

Naturally we have always opted to have our safes anchored to the concrete slab. This is a no-brainer for its very miniscule $50 cost. Burglars have been known to tip safes over out of frustration and anger, resulting in unnecessary damage to contents. Why risk that.

By the way, the Safe Store technicians were very pleasant, professional and efficient. The installation went quickly and they thoroughly explained features and checked and adjusted the door closure. A tech had also set and tested my custom combination before they brought the safe to my home.

The interior appointment of the Lincoln is fairly good. Materials appear to be durable, protective, they are easily adjustable, nice looking, and the 'rope lighting' is excellent at illuminating most of the interior. Proper lighting is a valuable asset. Our other safes often require use of a flashlight and that is an annoyance. HINT: A safe with a lighter colored interior such as Liberty installs is a real benefit.

However, the Lincoln should have an LED lighting strip across the top. It is pretty dark up there on the top shelf. (The Safe Store told me that the Lincoln does not come with an across-the-top LED strip.)

The Lincoln 50 is so much wider and deeper than our old Browning. This safe is cavernous. Large Browning's are now standardized as shallower units at 27 inches.

The model 50 safe has nicely accepted 'overflow' from our other overly crowded safes.

The USA-made Lincoln LZ50 was $4743 with tax and other inherent charges. This well engineered, primarily unbreachable fire resistant #1-rated safe is worth the peace of mind, cost and storage volume.

Plan ahead that over the years your family will accumulate very important things, and may even unexpectedly inherit valuables and sentimental items. Therefore, if you are a 'first safe' buyer, be smart and spend your money on nothing less than the largest and highest quality safe you can possibly afford and accommodate.

KCS from Mesa, Arizona

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