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HDX-250 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 697 customers ratings and reviews

Having a local dealer is key.
written by US Made on August 11, 2018
You can only do so much research on the internet before you have to get your hands on the product in question. If something happens to your product and you need it serviced and the dealer is on the other side of the country that does not help you. Dealers also sales that you cant find on the internet. So having a dealer that is knowledgeable, helpful and local is key to this type of product.

Great Buying Experience
written by RayS on August 2, 2018
I went to the Liberty Safe dealer in Farmingdale NY and dealt with Scott. What a pleasurable experience! After looking at several safes, I took Scott's recommendation and purchased a Fat Boy. As I was checking out Scott mentioned the Liberty HDX-250. He showed me how easy it was to open with a swipe of the finger and explained its advantages. I knew this was just what I needed. I am now in the process of setting it up and I look forward to using it.

Not impressed so far
written by Hozer on August 2, 2018
I've contacted liberty safe about the biometric scan not functioning and not allowing me to set it up. Liberty is shipping the vault back to their location to see if they can fix it or replace it. So far I'm not impressed with the biometric scan. Hopefully after liberty fixes this one or sends me a new one I'll like it.

written by X1 on July 22, 2018

Guess we're still learning...
written by Old Ump on July 14, 2018
I'm hoping to change this rating to 5 stars with time, but for now we're having issues with recognition of finger prints. We've followed the instructions precisely, but it's still not always recognizing my wife's prints, which kind of defeats the purpose of having this sort of gun vault. Although there is a key for the vault, the speed of access is what we were looking for.

written by Juan Zamora on July 13, 2018

Mom's Smart Vault Review
written by Southern Nana on July 12, 2018
This is a high quality product. We feel much safer with my young grandsons in the house with our pistols secured in this safe. Yet, it is quickly assess-able in an emergency. We have had two Liberty Gun safes so we had pretty much decided on a Liberty pistol vault due to the excellent quality and customer service of the dealers.

Kids can be curious!
written by Rick Lorick on July 12, 2018
Highly recommend to keep children safe but still quick access to weapon for self defence.

written by Bravo 1 on July 7, 2018
High Quality. Quick opening. Easy to program. Rugged construction.

Great Quality/Easy Access
written by MAC on July 4, 2018
This is a great product, lives up to the Liberty name. It has plenty of room to hold two sub compact handguns and their magazines. Easy access with the fingerprint scan, have not had any issues with it opening.

Awesome little safe!
written by NRA Trump on June 23, 2018

Bio Sensor doesn't work consistently
written by BigR on June 23, 2018
The safe is well made and high quality. I was concerned about the bio sensor working all the time first time, and after having the actual vault, my concerns turned out to be true. Sometimes the vault opens on the first pass, sometimes many passes are required. Not very good, especially in an emergency.

Excellent handgun safe
written by Wilhelm on June 23, 2018
HDX-250 Black, great quality build, reliable biometrics, easy and quick access.

Very Good Pistol Safe
written by Engineer in Sac on June 18, 2018
The HDX-250 seems to be constructed very well. The unit itself feels heavy and solid. Enrollment of fingerprints was very easy. The interior blue light is a nice touch. The only downside, I would say is the loud noise it makes when it is actually opened. Definitely can be heard a few rooms over inside a quite house. I placed a rubber mat between the floor and mounting bracket in an attempt to dampen the sound the door makes when it falls.

Overall great quality.
Solid construction.

Excellent Quality
written by Pen on June 16, 2018
This safe is very sturdy, and by my guess, would take a lot of time and effort to break into. The price is very fair for this safe, and I'm happy with the purchase. The design is clean, and the initial setup and programming is easy. The only concern I have is there is no means to secure or anchor the safe down, and it is light enough that someone could just grab the whole thing and run.

See my other review.
written by Scaler on June 14, 2018
I bought a Lincoln Liberty Safe and left a long review about it. I rate this vault in a similar way, Excellent! See my other review under the same name, Scaler.

Bed side vault
written by Bill Fortenberry on June 12, 2018
Love this little vault Lets me hove a pistol at my bedside that is accessable with a swipe of a finger

written by Corey on June 9, 2018
Absolutely love this safe

written by Hounds on May 28, 2018

written by H. McK on May 20, 2018

written by Samuel Clemens on May 19, 2018

written by Big jim on May 18, 2018
Simple reliable keeps your children and others safe from your stored guns

Great Safe
written by JT on May 16, 2018
Looked at a lot of options, when it came down to it. There reputation and quality sealed the deal.

written by Nicholas on May 9, 2018

Nice warranty responce
written by Rick on May 2, 2018
I have a few Liberty safes! One of my vaults developed a glitch in the lock. Liberty was very quick to resolve my problem! Can't get much better that that. Liberty covered the shipping and ended up sending me a new unit.

written by MommaPell on April 27, 2018

Great Gun Vault
written by northkal on April 24, 2018
A little tough getting my wife's print registered but other than that excellent product.

written by DH on April 23, 2018

I did like it alot
written by disappointed on April 14, 2018
This worked really well, until it didn't .

Steve M.
written by Steve M. on April 13, 2018
Purchased HDX-250 Smart Vault because of recommendations from online and from friends. Attempted to program finger reader the first time with no success until after I was able to finally get through to a representative. The automated phone answering service would direct to press 3 and then be told it was not valid. After being able to get in contact to the manager, Steve, he professionally described the steps necessary to program which after several finger swipes I was able to finally get it to recognize and program to unlock.

However sometime later I tested the finger sweep and was only able to achieve 7 activation's out of 100. I reset the program and started from the beginning. The second time I was able to open 36 times out of 100. If the finger reader is that sensitive regarding finger placement and pressure this part of the product definitely needs redesign. It does appear that I am not the only customer having this issue. I am sure that there is an answer.

Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry to hear about your troubles with your unit.  Just like your iPhone we recommend programming your "go to" finger multiple times so that you get a good consistant read no matter what angle your finger is at.

Great Gun Vault
written by TWS on April 8, 2018
Great way to keep your family safe. I have a young child at home and this vault and the other two that I bought helps to keep my family safe. I used to have guns insecure throughout the house before my child was born but that is no longer a safe option. Built in America by Americans; I'm with that. Make America great again!

written by Dave C. on April 8, 2018
Easy to install with mounting bracket (sold separately). Easy to follow instructions for programming. Very solidly built.

Amazing American-made product!
written by Gleaminggold on April 8, 2018

Don't use the power supply
written by CDB on April 3, 2018
I'm glad I read these reviews, because I was having zero luck getting the fingerprint reader to work, but had only tried with the battery and the power supply plugged in. After reading DB's review on March 5, I tried programming and opening using just the 9 volt battery, and it works! So I don't know if I've got a bad power supply, or bad control board, but I'm hoping to get this fixed or it's going back to Cabelas. Otherwise this safe seems well built.
Liberty's Response:
Thank you for the review.  Please call our customer support at (800) 247-5625.

Ease of setup
written by Sharpshooter on April 3, 2018
I was concerned about getting the fingerprints done properly do it would work as I hoped, super easy setup.
Works great

Better than Best
written by DT on April 2, 2018

written by byers on March 20, 2018
nice safe

Just what I needed
written by Fedexman on March 20, 2018
Ok price due to the fact I found it later for less. Do your homework. Vault is easy to set up and works as expected and would recommend to a friend

Very happy with product & performance
written by Jack jackson on March 18, 2018

written by Quinn on March 18, 2018
The Liberty HDX- 250 Smart Vault is a product that provides secure storage and access to a weapon within the the household. Secure access was easy to program and works very well.

Very good safe, works great!
written by Lonestar147 on March 18, 2018
It works very good but I had a hard time loading my fingerprints, it helped to go online and watch video. I finally got it then. I like the AC adapter, the battery will last longer. This my second one, the first one didn't have an AC adapter.

written by N on March 17, 2018

Well built, secure safe.
written by Jimmy Doogan on March 14, 2018
Well built, but biometric functionality is not great, at all.

Works every time
written by Angela on March 12, 2018
The biometric hand vault is perfect. it works every time and have had no issues what so ever.

Great vault to keep your gun safe and accessible.
written by Ashka0777 on March 9, 2018
Love the biometrics and can add users if needed. Compact enough to keep near but out of sight.

happy customer
written by safe mom on March 5, 2018
was given this for Christmas and couldn't be happier. I feel safe having it next to me just in case of an emergency for quick easy access:)

Great vault for quick access
written by Richard on March 5, 2018
Great vault for quick, secure access. After registering the fingerprints, it has worked without error with a quick swipe of the finger. Great peace of mind to secure weapon but still be quickly accessible. Plenty of space inside as well.

Print reader problem
written by DB on March 5, 2018
Baught this safe 3 days ago ,unboxed it , read the manual , found the override button, not quickly. And programmed my prints . Tested the vault , and it worked about 8 out of 10 times "acceptable " then I plugged in the ac adapter, and tested it again it worked 0 out of 10 times ," not acceptable " unplugged ac adapter and it worked again. Reprogramed with ac plugged in did not work . Will be calling liberty tomorrow.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry to hear about your troubles with the unit.  We have passed your information to our customer support who will be calling you.

written by GW on March 5, 2018

written by Anonymous on March 3, 2018

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