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Ammo Can
Made in the USA


Security for your Ammunition

Secure your ammunition with Liberty's AMMO CAN. 3 integrated shelves and dual locking bars create the toughest ammunition storage cabinet around! Key lock entry, black textured finish.

5-Year Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $449

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Ammo Can Ratings and Reviews

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Need better fit and finish
written by rodi53 on January 13, 2018
Bought one of these to get the ammo out of my Colonial 30 to make room for more guns. Am disappointed in the fitment of the door. There is a lot of play and you can move the door in and out about 1/8" or more when closed & locked. There is no way this thing is airtight. Problem is, I keep it in my garage with a can of desiccant inside, and so much humid air gets in during the summer that I have to regenerate the desiccant every day! Became enough of a PITA that I quit doing it.

great safe for the money
written by scott on January 13, 2018
Nice little safe lots of room if you pack right nice lock

Great safe, assembly questionable
written by Jim Snyde on November 16, 2017
Good heavy safe. Unfortunately, I won't give it 5 stars. When we got the safe home, we noticed that the walls and backing fell off due to improper assembly

written by jlkinaz on October 14, 2017
Nice product. Well built. Great finish on exterior and interior. Just wish you could stack "ammo cans" on bottom of safe.

Ammo needs a safe place too.
written by Jerry S. on September 7, 2017
The Ammo Can not only provides a safe place to store my ammunition it also helps organize it in one location. It makes a great companion to my Liberty Safe.

Ammo can
written by Rooster on April 5, 2017
Makes a great hand gun safe!

awesome Ammo Can
written by JOEMSC on June 3, 2015
Update to my last review on 6 May 2015. I bought from Liberty Safe the electrical outlet. Very easy install. Afterwards, I purchased from LOWES, LED strip lighting that comes with 2 18" strips and power cord to the package (starter kit). Then I bought the extension kit that comes with 2 12" strips. I bought several packages to install completely around the entire inside door. They are peel and stick, and they illuminate the entire safe very nicely. Afterwards, I installed a push button switch and connected the lights to it. I drilled a 1/2" hole on the lower right corner of the Ammo Can door frame, most inconspicuous location. The push button switch installed beautifully, and now, I have a very well illuminated interior when I open the door, and I know the lights go off when I shut the door. The push button switch and lights on the Ammo Can look professionally installed, and even gives the impression that it came with the lights and push button switch already installed. NOTE: Do the following with the LED power cord disconnected: The LED light kit power cord comes with a on/off switch. To connect the power cord to the push button switch you need to cut the power cord before the switch and right after the switch; no use for the switch. Then you connect both positive lines to one pole on the push button switch, and then connect the neutral lines to the other pole on the push button switch. Plug LED power cord into the Liberty Safe electrical outlet. Test the switch to ensure the lights turn on and off. If you haven't drilled the hole yet, then now is the time to do it. Once the hole is drilled, the switch comes threaded with 2 nuts. One nut remains on the inside, and the other nut is screwed on the outside of the switch to the door frame. You will use the inner nut to adjust the push button switch to the point where the lights turn on/off just at the point where the door edge meets the door frame. Once you have it at that point, you will tighten the outer nut to secure the push button switch to the door frame, but only tight enough to where it does not cause the switch to protrude further out than you need. Also note, that on my Ammo Can, the door had a little play to it. When I installed the lights, the military style locking bars just barely cleared the lights. When the lights are on, the plastic covering the LEDS will soften and allows the door to easily close and be locked. However, when cooled, the plastic on the LEDS expand some causing the locking bar to be slightly a tight. When reopening the door, you will notice that it may be a little tight and you will have a slight problem opening the door. To fix the problem, I used some petroleum jelly on the outer side of the locking bars and on the LEDS at the point where the bars slide over them. After applying the petroleum jelly, the locks work fantastic, easy open/close just like it did when you first received the Ammo Can. Now I can see all the ammo I have, sorted out on the shelves, just like in your favorite ammo store. Also note that the LEDS are + & - polarity. When using the connecting cables supplied to connect LEDS at the corners of the Ammo Can, the connecting cables have a small arrow on them. I used this as the positive terminal, so when connecting the LEDS with the connecting cables, ensure you keep the polarity consistent throughout the entire LED series connections. If your lights don't work, check the connection series and ensure the polarity on the connecting cables are maintained throughout the connection series. Hope this helps you out if you want permanent lighting on you Ammo Can.

Ammo out of the Lincoln and into the Ammo Can!
written by hum0555 on April 15, 2015
Was always insecure having ammo and reloading powder in my Lincoln with all my valuables, so I bought the Ammo Can! I did pay a little extra for the Palusol fire seal to increase the fire rating. Liberty should advertise this as an option! I had to ask. Anyways, I couldn't be happier with the safe!

Peace of Mind
written by Washington Irving on February 24, 2015
Found this on sale at a ridiculously low price and decided to try it. Quality is fine, much better than any of the thin skinned storage cabinets out there. The shelves are very sturdy and hold a ton of ammo. Also on a lesser note, it has a door handle and a hole to run electric.

Great Container for ammo
written by Adam on December 17, 2014
Very nice for putting ammo away from people and giving the main safe more room. Great company!!

written by DarthVetter on November 10, 2014
As soon as you put a handle on it and increase the fire rating I'll buy 2. No handle, really...? How much can that add to the price point? And IMO, the fire rating should have definitely been considered, due to the fact that it's intended use is to STORE AMMO! Even if it added to the price point, money well spent. Maybe add another version with the aforementioned features and suffice both types of customers at both price points.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks DarthVetter for your suggestions. We have added a handle to the AMMO CAN, which customers really like. As far as fire protection, it has a single layer of fireboard but we don't rate it. It will give some protection from the initial heat wave of a fire. If you're needing more we recommend the Revolution or higher series of safes.

Nice idea but.....
written by jkab2line on May 20, 2014
I like the idea, but it is kind of small, and 125 lbs per shelf when you are stacking ammo is not a lot.
Maybe if the shelves would hold more, or if it were bigger?

Remove the Door Writing?
written by Larry in Colorado on April 2, 2014
First, I have a Fat Boy that I love. Concerning the Ammo Can: Maybe leave the 'Ammo Can' writing off. Do I need to advertise the likely contents on the door? Not a big thing.. Perhaps, just 'Liberty'... sure they'll probably spend the time trying to bust in regardless... or it may even dissuade them if they're not after ammo, though? Just a thought.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for your view. We have forwarded on your recommendation to the product development team for reconsidation.  

My ammo and local firemen are much safer now
written by Kevin on April 1, 2014
I have been looking for an Ammo container for several years now. I was concerned about my ammo deteriorating while being stored in my garage. I did quite a bit of research and found ammo does not propel projectile when it is burned but the brass casings tend to explode and propel brass shrapnel. The safe should contain any exploding ammo thereby making much it safer should firemen need to attend to a fire at my house. The safe held much more ammo than I anticipated. The Ammo Can does not have a fire rating per se but it is lined with one sheet of gypsum board on all sides giving it some additional withstand. This solution is a nice answer that falls between no protection and a full blown expensive safe. Considering the difficulty in finding ammo over the last few years, it is nice to have my ammo secured against theft.