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Colonial Series

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Liberty's Colonial Safes offer 50% more fire protection than other safes at the same price - making it an amazing value! Packed with Security Features like 60 minutes of fire protection and 4-sided military-style locking bars that are 4" wide and 1/4" thick! Colonials are built to protect without breaking the bank. 9 Color options and included Door Panel are a nice touch to this granite security gun safe. Plus, for more flexibility on the inside, check out the all-new COLONIAL 50 EXTREME and it's 6-in-1 Flex Interior!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,425
Payments starting as low as $32.42 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Colonial Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.5 out of 5 stars for 118 customers ratings and reviews

Excellent Product
written by Red Cloud on July 5, 2018
I always strive for the best and I got it when I bought my Liberty Safe.

written by Josh on June 19, 2018
Great product. The safe is well built and has perfect fit and finish. I highly recommend this safe.

Exquisite Service
written by Jr on June 9, 2018
We bought our safe from 1-800-4A-Gunsafe. There were several safe manufacturers to choose from but when we found one that was made in America and my favorite color, we just couldn't pass it up. We were impressed by the transferrable warranty and the fire rating as well as the price. On the sales floor, Shane was knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of our many questions. Jordan delivered our safe like a pro. He made sure it was exactly where my wife wanted it, moving it inches from where it was resting just to make her happy. After explaining the in's and out's of the safe, he left our home looking like the safe had magically arrived, with no trash, dings, scrapes, etc. We couldn't be happier with our purchase.

Colonial is a great large safe
written by Mick Cervantez on April 25, 2018
This safe is very large and holds lots of rifles, shotguns, handguns and gear. It will easily keep 35 long guns with room to spare. I will hold 50 guns but a little snug. The safe has shelves to store binoculars, GPS, range finder, knives, jewelry, documents etc... very nice safe that you can add accessories to. Be sure to install it where you want it because it is a heavy one and well built. For the price you cannot beat it and would recommend it to anyone.

Should have bought a bigger
written by KPR3006 on April 21, 2018

Great safe
written by ZombieMarine on April 17, 2018
Great safe happy with my purchase.

Exactly what I needed.
written by Papa Pat on April 16, 2018
Very nice looking safe. My wife actually allowed me to install it in our bedroom instead of hidden away in a closet. Great capacity, various shelving and storage options. Love the extended fire protection rating.

Cannot go wrong with American built/Lifetime warranty
written by Travis Renner on April 10, 2018
Been looking at this safe for six months. Finally pulled the trigger! Bolted it down and gave her a big kiss. She will be right where I put it my entire life! Love this brand and this product.

Best option for a gun safe out there
written by Bryan on April 7, 2018
Nice balance of features and price. You can get a huge safe for not a ton of money that also has more than enough protection for 95% of people. Plus there are some really nice colors/finishes to choose from.

written by Dave on February 8, 2018

The right safe at the right price
written by Dan Isler on January 9, 2018
I looked at a verity of safes from all different places. The liberty safe had the best quality to cost of any safe I could find. The folks at 180 4A Gun Safe in Chandler were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Outstanding quality and finish
written by DS on November 21, 2017
I spent a few months shopping for a quality gun safe and settled on the Colonial 50 due to sufficient size and target price point. Our family couldn't be happier with it! Quality and design are great, interior is functional and configurable, and we feel confident that it will help safeguard our valuables. Highly recommend.

Sense of Security
written by Larry on November 19, 2017
Bought my Colonial Fifty from Ace Hardware in Newnan, Georgia. David McMichael is the owner and is very knowledgeable on the safes. Gave me a great deal. The granite color is perfect. Had the safe for almost a year now/ I love the gun space, and plenty of shelf space for other values and ammo. Very classy looking safe. I already had one liberty safe so this is my second. Had a manual dial on the first one, but I surely love the digital dial. You can be in the safe in no time. Well built and secure.

written by Henry on November 6, 2017
Cant say enough good about a quality American made safe!

Liberty Safes
written by Mike on October 18, 2017
Quality, enough said.

written by JEFF on September 24, 2017

written by WayneM on September 24, 2017
Excellent quality,craftsmanship,availability and best of all MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Finally feel safe
written by Jerry S. on September 7, 2017
I have had a Canon safe for many years with no fire protection and inadequate security. I finally stepped up to the Colonial Liberty Safe and now I can sleep at night knowing all my guns and valuables are safe and secure while I am away.

The interior lighting is an upgrade that adds to the pleasure of using the safe.

I could not be happier with my purchase.

Built solid!
written by Albert M on August 31, 2017
Loving my Colonial 30 Gun Safe. This thing is built solid and built to last. Great capacity and I love the various configurations for the inside of the safe. I would definitely purchase a Liberty Safe again.

Great Quality
written by Happy in Chandler Arizona on June 29, 2017
Great Quality Safe. Very professional sales person at 1-800-4A-Gunsafe and great delivery service up 3 flights of stairs. Very pleased overall.

Great Product
written by Thanks on June 28, 2017

High quality
written by Doug on June 22, 2017
Just bought this colonial in June of is a keeper the fit and finish is top notch as well as the warranty and customer service...I feel my valuables are secure in this liberty safe

Excellent buy
written by JM on June 8, 2017
Very happy with the safe and the options it came with. Shelfs lock tightly into place, pins can give you a slight tussle, but you know they're not going anywhere.

great buy on special
written by STEVE307 on June 7, 2017
Just received my new liberty Colonial safe. And honestly, it's nicer than I expected....well finished inside and out, flexible interior shelf arrangement possibilities, and from all appearances a very well made and solid safe. Had been looking for a while at one and when they ran their special sale it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Time of course will tell but I'm looking forward to the security and peace of mind this safe will provide

Excellent Quality Product.
written by Nathan on May 23, 2017
We shopped for a liberty safe for almost a year before buying the liberty colonial model. So happy we got the larger size it fits everything as well as all our reloading equipment. Very pleased with this product.

My firearms have a bomb-proof home!!!!!
written by Adam H. on May 18, 2017
I recently purchased the Colonial 50 from 1-800-4A GUN SAFE store in Chandler, AZ, and all I can say is THANK YOU to the fine gentlemen at the store!! The staff there know their stuff, and can answer every question imaginable to help you with the decision making process. The safe I chose had just sold and left the showroom floor, but they had more in the back room still boxed up. The staff gladly took me back to open it up and look at it!! I immediately said I wanted it, and they tagged it "sold" and boxed it back up!! We scheduled the delivery shortly after and I was on my way with a huge smile on my face. Today the safe was delivered and it went incredibly smooth, all because of the skills, knowledge, and professionalism that Matt & Jason possess!! They were very precise and cautious with every movement until the safe was in it's final place!! They weren't even bothered by our curious pug dog who kept sneaking in to say hello, instead they petted him and said hello back!! This was my first safe purchase and all of the staff made my experience incredible, and I couldn't be happier!!

How much does the Liberty Timber Ridge 64 gun safe weigh?
written by RealMc on May 8, 2017
I got mine at a Gander Mountain going out of business sale. It's HUGE, and H-E-A-V-Y which is part of the reason I bought. It ain't walking off that is for sure.

I need to know how much it weighs. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Do it!
written by AZ on May 3, 2017
Just get one and stop messing around......

written by Ewurtz on March 30, 2017
Safe delivered as promised. Stable and strong with no blemishes. The only thing I would change is a way to secure the rifles in the rack system and it should come standard and not on upgrade. Just leaning them into a slot always make me a little uneasy. Otherwise, love the safe with plenty of space for my needs

written by Richard Payne Gonzalez on February 2, 2017

written by Rich on August 15, 2016
Great safe.

Follow Up Review
written by Goatman on July 9, 2016
It seems that Liberty Safe Company does read and follow up with these reviews. I was contacted promptly by a sales representative, Corky.

He was concerned I was not happy with my safe and asked if there was anything Liberty Safe could do to make me completely satisfied. I expressed how I felt my concerns were minimized by the dealer. I did not think the dealers claims that approximately 75% of Liberty Safes came dented or damaged were true to begin with and Corky confirmed this with me. I felt the dealer stated the bogus information to get me out of the door with the dented safe. It was the minimization of the circumstances by the dealer that irritated me, not the Liberty Safe Company.

Corky gave me a couple of options for a new safe, but they were not feasible for me. Corky did send me a humidifier, which was very nice.

I have worked in local government for over 21 years now. I have learned people really do not remember what you say or do, but they will remember how you made them feel. Liberty Safe is genuinely concerned with the satisfaction of their customer and it shows with the follow up I received by Corky. I will (and would have) endorse Liberty Safe with confidence.

Perfect purchase
written by KP on May 5, 2016

written by craster on April 19, 2016

Colonial 50
written by ... on April 11, 2016
This is my second Liberty safe. I should have went bigger the first time but now I have 2. :-) I really like my new Colonial 50 and cant wait to start loading it up!

Excellent Safe
written by blarrick on March 24, 2016
Very pleased with the safe we purchased. The ease of entry and the size and capacity can't be beat. The pockets on the door are just what we need and makes the most of the space in the safe. The granite finish is very good looking and makes it fit in the space perfectly.

Colonial 23
written by JKC on December 23, 2015

Love my new safe
written by Karl E on November 30, 2015
Just got my Colonial 30, it was a long wait but since this is in Norway (Europe) it was expected.
I am very pleased with the safe and it exceeded my expectations.
Only one thing I would like to see is that the door would be easy to take off. The safe is heavy and a removable door would greatly ease the installation.

Love this safe so worth the money.
written by Brian L on October 4, 2015
I bought a Colonial 50 the safe. Fits a ton inside. I have no complaints about this product. I paid extra for the Elock and power supply so I could have a dehumidifier inside. The only bad thing is I really didn't have the money to buy the Brightview 6 wand led auto light like I wanted because I bought all the other upgrades. I ended up with the bright view two wand battery kit that waste more batteries then I can buy. I should of went with my gut and got what I wanted but when you spend almost $3000 on a safe with delivery and installation and have two kids you have to cut corners sometimes. Overall I love Liberty's products - American made greatness!

The safe is secure and has good fire protection of 60 minutes.
written by Ariel on September 2, 2015
For the price, this safe seems like a great option. It has a good amount of space for guns and other valuables. This safe has the two extra bars on the top and the bottom to make it more difficult to pry open.

New Safe in Chattanooga
written by Deano on July 31, 2015
Had a stack-on safe that held about 15 guns and some other odds and ends, didn't feel comfortable that it would ever hold up in cs of fire or theft. With this Liberty safe I can walk away in comfort knowing that my valuables are protected from fire or thievery. Bolt it to the floor and your good to go. I purchased 2 of the led lights to go inside, probably get one more, and lights up nicely. Picked it up and put it in the house with a few friends. Bought it from Randy's Pawn Shop in Trenton Ga. Very helpful and goodhearted folks there. When I run out of room again, I will buy another Liberty! Awesome stuff.
I also, got a dehumidfier as well.

Awesome Safe Liberty Colonial
written by Arizona88 on July 30, 2015
Thankfully my Liberty Colonial safe has not been "tested" by burglary or fire. The quality of the safe feels and looks like it would hold up. After about 4-6 months of research I choose Liberty and so far am happy with that decision, again it had not been tested yet which is a good thing. Hit youtube and the internet up and you can find Liberty safes being punished to see what they can withstand. Grated the videos only show the Fat Boy lines and higher so can't see how the lower ends Liberty's handle. For me is was between AmericanSecurity and Liberty. When I could not find any torture tests videos on AmericanSecurity but could I liberty. I can see and "idea" of how my safe might handle a burger or Fire.

My first safe
written by bczsea1 on July 8, 2015
My fires and last safe very nice safe will recommend a Liberty safe to all my friends very smooth operation high quality workmanship and versability.

Colonial 30
written by JJ on April 10, 2015
For the money its a decent safe. Its only 11 ga. steel and the interior is somewhat lacking, but it gets the job done and should deter most amateur thieves.

I would recommend bolting the safe to the floor after watching how easy it was for 2 people to deliver the safe.

In this day and age a digital lock and some interior lighting should come standard on all safes; in my opinion.

There are definitely better safes on the market; but its much better than the imported safes sold at the big box stores and only costs slightly more.

Liberty Safes Quality
written by Mailman Mike on April 1, 2015
This is the 2nd Liberty safe I have owned. I purchase them for their superior quality and the peace of mind they give. Have seen some of the videos of cheaper safes being broke into in under a couple of minutes. I want to really protect my valuables and investments without the fear of a quick break in.

Finally my Guns are safe.
written by Elkchaser on March 25, 2015
Nice safe!!! and I feel good when leaving the house knowing my guns are locked up in my new Liberty Colonial Safe.

Great Safe!!!
written by Planet J on March 21, 2015
After shopping around and looking at other brands of gun safes, I knew within a minute that the Liberty safe was for me. From the concealed hinges, lifetime warranty, and the abundant space design and options, it was an easy decision. The fact that it was built on American soil doesn't hurt either. I wanted a safe that was heavy enough (1000 pounds) to where the average would be thieves could not carry it off. The fire rating allows for the storage of important documents as well. I would recommend a quality Liberty safe to anyone.

Liberty stands behind their product!!!!!
written by Kevin from MB on March 3, 2015
Bought my safe 3-17-14.Not long after I got it I was having trouble opening it. I called and the the women walked me through opening it. It opened the first time.I figured it was me shaking. It was a manual lock. I still had problems opening it. I didn't want to call because I thought it was me. I finally called again. I told the women I bought a manual lock because I heard about EMP's. She told me they tested them and they could survive an EMP attack. She said they would send a locksmith. I asked how much $$$. Oh no charge she said. The locksmith came and sure enough it wasn't me the lock was no good. He replaced it with an electronic lock no charge!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy with my American made Safe.

Tornado ally
written by Don on January 12, 2015
Bought a colonial 30 for sports world in Tulsa Ok.. It's blk. so know frills outside and standard colonial feature's inside. Chose to haul and install myself with my strong son's help. At 675 lbs. its all we could handle with a good dolly. Moved it into a tight spot, and thank goodness we had tile that it seem to skid on pretty good. Will anchor it tomorrow. So far, it's every thing I expected. Would have liked one of the colors other than black but the out of view place for it I picked, it doesn't really make a difference. Was pleased with the door panel kit, even though its the economy, it is amble. Over all pleased, and would recommend to any. Thanks Liberty for a quality product

Quality safe
written by Budman on January 4, 2015
Best quality safe on the market, excellent pricing, many options for interior set-up. I needed for my weapons and wife loves to use it for her valuables. Get a size bigger than you think you need, as you will be adding items to the safe over time. My dealer took the time to go over the advantages of each size and I like that I had an option for the type of lock on the safe (digital vs. dial with key lock). They even have options on color if that is important to you. Very satisfied with my purchase.

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