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Secure Your Gear-in Tactical Style

The Tactical 24 by Liberty is MADE IN THE USA and built with the tactical expert in mind. Designed with a Dual-Flex Tactical interior and adjustable shelving, you can customize your safe to meet your needs. The Custom Door Panel incorporates a military style MOLLE system and an adjustable Quick Release Rifle Holder - providing instant access to your response gear. If Tactical is your game, this safe with a mechanical lock is for you!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $999
Payments starting as low as $22.73 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Tactical 24 Ratings and Reviews

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Thank You Liberty! I Love my Safe!!!
written by Gandolf on January 14, 2018

I love this safe!
written by Geo on July 22, 2017
So at first I wanted to purchase the fatboy jr safe for my apartment. I live on the second floor and I was going to pay to have it delivered upstairs. After many measurements from the movers they said there's no way to get it up there and I had to "settle" for another safe. That's when I purchased the Tactical 24 and man do I love this safe! I don't regret one thing about it! It's bigger than it seems! I mean you can easily fit a good amount of handguns and long guns in this thing! Looks totally badass, I open it about a couple times a day just because I love how it looks inside and out! I got the jewelry draw which is an awesome add on. I also got the light kit installed which is really cool and I'm glad I did because without it, it would be really dark. Also, if you open the safe in a dark room at night and you have the light's installed, yeah...thank me later! Liberty makes great safes and I would recommend to anyone!

Tactical 24
written by Craig on July 19, 2017
Based on information I discovered after I purchased the Tactical 24, I don't think I would do it again. First, there are no bolts, but sheet metal 'bars' that close the safe door. Perhaps I should have inspected the unit more closely, but this is a Liberty Safe after all. I had enquired about a Colonial 18 gun safe, but was directed to the Tac 24, which was more money. I paid 1250 otd, and installed it myself. It wasnt until I reviewed the website, that not only others paid less, but the list price was less too. The product is average quality. I should have opted for what I was looking for begin with, but its too late I suppose for returns or exchanges.

Liberty's Response:
Hi Craig, the bars are military grade bars and actually add a greater level of security because they have more coverage. Our dealers are also individually owned and set their own pricing.  Some times they run their own specials where a safe will be discounted below MSRP.

written by JK on June 3, 2015
Just got it! Excited to use it - wish I had more to say.

Bummed by Specification Changes...
written by Nick on April 22, 2015
I was extremely happy to receive my Tactical 24 safe this morning, delivered by a true professional from Liberty Safes of Virginia, but found a small problem. Between the time I ordered it back in February, and the time it was delivered, Liberty Safes changed the locking mechanism on it. When I ordered it, one of the key selling points was the electronic keypad lock; when it showed up, it was the manual dial. Even the gentleman who delivered it was caught of guard and had to check the manufacturers site... And sure enough, the electronic lock that was standard when I ordered it is now an option. Very shady, since now it will cost more to purchase and install it than it would have been when I ordered it from the factory. It's a great safe, very glad I bought it; but the Devil is in the details, and this detail really does leave a fork in my side.
Liberty's Response:
That is a bummer Nick, I will look into this and see what is going on. You definately should have received the safe that you saw when you ordered, prior to the change. We will be in touch.

written by Scout on September 5, 2014
The safe was of the best quality and keeps all my guns secure. No worries at all

Exceeded My Expectations
written by Recent Tactical 24 Purchaser on May 21, 2014
Very pleased with the safe, purchased (2) of the wireless LED lights, they work great. Loved the extras that came with this safe, immediately made organizing the contents a quick job. Kudos to Mikes of Baton Rouge for great delivery and anchoring of the safe in my home. Delivery men were polite and worked quickly.